As a child I always remember the last leaves to fall would bring on "wreath season".  From the time of a small child my father did wholesale wreathing, sending out tractor trailer loads of all size wreaths to southern states. (That's him in the yellow slicker at the top.) Stacks of wreaths would be piled in the yard as they waited to be put on the trailers.  My sister and I would spend hours playing in the chilly air. We would make the larger wreaths into our forts and play hide n' seek among them.  Men donning yellow and orange rain gear would hustle and bustle around, tying bundles of wreaths together with color coded tags, which denoted the size: 8", 10", 12", etc. all the way to 36" and 48".  Each year the season was caught in photo as we sat in the middle of one of the larger wreaths. (That's me on the right above.)

I have fond memories of this time of year.  As I grew into a teenager, making wreaths was a good way to make a little spending money, especially with Christmas coming up.  Several of my friends, who make to this day, learned to wrap wreaths in our little shop.  As a younster you don't think much of it.  Most of Downeast Maine thrives on seasonal work, wreathing, fishing, raking blueberries.  A good honest wage can be made if you work hard.  A simple and beautiful life is tradition in Downeast Maine.

The last few years, John and I have been able to come home and help out with the season and this year we are blessed to take over the family business.  We are so excited as we are getting our first season started.  We have excellent office staff, who love to talk with customers.  We no longer do wholesale, but we buy our wreaths from local makers.  We have a dedicated decorating staff who pride themselves on sending you wreaths you can be proud to put on your door or send as gifts to family, friends, and associates.

We hope you enjoy your Maine Wreaths and Evergreen Products and experience our Maine tradition in your home!